Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Potatoes- Turned Wedges

Well what a harvest we have had! As a school we headed out for a potato hunt in our almighty enviro area. We dug and before long we had some seriously big potatoes. Some of us had a turn to help dig. Before long we had a enormous box full of enormous, scrummy looking potatoes. But what could we possibly do with all of these potatoes? ?

Mr Watton knew. We saw his students heading towards the cooking room.... hmm.....

The next thing we knew our potatoes had been turned into yummy scrummy wedges season with herbs and spices and salt. Mr Watton and his class had made some seriously good wedges (just when we all questioned Mr Wattons cooking abilities). We are so lucky to have an amazing enviro area that produces the best produce for us to share and eat.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Sunflowers

Last year Mr Watton planted two sunflowers and he watered them and put fertiliser on them. Now they are tall and they have an enormous yellow flower. We saw a bee getting the nectar from the flower. The bees use the nectar to feed their babies.

The sunflower needs sun to help it grow. It looks like the sun. The flower is round like a circle. There are seeds in the middle of the flower. If we planted the seeds they would grow into new sunflowers. Sunflower seeds are delicious.

We can touch the flowers carefully and smell them. They smell like seeds. The leaves are big and green. The petals are yellow. The sunflower is very pretty and beautiful.

The sunflower is taller than all of us and taller than Miss Campbell and Mrs Kellow.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome Back!

Hi all,

Welcome back to school. We are already very busy at school and have hit the ground running here in Kakano. We are already into our reading, writing, maths, handwriting and swimming program. We have been swimming with Fred - our swimming coach and Miss Campbell has even been in the pool too! We are already gearing up next week for our Triathlon and Duathlon next Tuesday - we have been practicing our running too. We would love to see you all there. We have been busy focusing on the letter 'b' this week and we have been practicing making sure we get the right formation and size of the letter 'b'. We thought we would take our learning outside today and use the courts as our blackboards. Last week we used the sandpit! Check out our awesome formation and size of our b's. We are very proud of ourselves! Also don't forget to check out our wonderful Facebook Page. You can keep up to date on all of our awesome school activities :-)

Maramarua School

Thursday, November 6, 2014

On Wednesday we went to Waihi Beach. When we first got there there were games on the beach we played beach sprints, we did relays, 3 legged races and hula hoops. We learnt about CPR the ratio is 30 pumps to 2 breaths. We went boogie boarding in the sea it was cold! but it was warm in the shallows. We played on the beach with Mr Montford and we had hot chips. The lifeguard showed us the rescue boat and Harvey even got pulled up onto the boat! It was an orange boat and yellow. It had a shield for the propeller it had a motor, it can go 28kph. It was a really neat day and now next week we are looking forward to our Star Dome trip! We are very lucky to be going on all of these trips :-)

Hamish found a bone behind the sandpit, it is very special!

Have a lovely weekend
Kakano Class

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This week in Kakano Class we have been getting back into our work! We have been getting back into our reading rotation program and working hard on our printing. We have also been doing some recount writing and we have been making card's for Eugene to wish him well after his heart operation. Miss Campbell has made us class dojo's and we get points for doing the right thing like - helping others, finishing on time, being kind, for doing neat work, working hard, staying on task. We get our own little monsters and we can earn and also lose points if we are doing the wrong thing. 

We have been learning our High Frequency Words. We are getting good!

We have been doing pluses (adding) and takeaway (minuses) and equals with Mrs G. 

Next week we are looking forward to our beach trip! 

We have been working so hard!

Monday, October 27, 2014

This is Kakano's first blog! We are excited to be joining the 'blog' world. At the moment we are learning about the Solar System and all of the planets. We are learning our blend and alphabet letters. We are taking home some reading every Mon, Tues, Weds and Thurs. We have just had athletics but we only got to do the Jumping and the Throwing. 

We have just had Calf Club. We made material heads, we used our masks from the play, we made clay flower pots and we made Te Whanau art with Whaea Jayne. We had a great day at Calf Club but the weather was quite nasty in the afternoon. 

We are looking forward to our Beach Trip next Wednesday. We are going to Waihi Beach. 

Miss Campbell is really proud with the work we are doing. We will keep up the good work.